Ugly Meter

Ugly Meter 4.6

Find out if you're ugly or not


  • Well presented
  • Funny put-downs


  • It doesn't actually measure anything

Not bad

Ugly Meter is a fun program that detects how ugly you are and gives you an ugliness score out of 10.

Just point your iPhone at your face (or a friend's face) and Ugly Meter will take a photo and run it through an ugliness 'scan'. It will then give you your Ugly Meter score, accompanied by a humorous put-down about your appearance. These can be shared quickly with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Of course, Ugly Meter is a joke app, and doesn't really have the technology to determine a person's beauty - or lack of it. This can be proved simply by pointing the camera at the floor or an animated object, then activating Ugly Meter. In the end, it becomes clear that the results are completely random.

Nevertheless, it's quite easy to prank friends with Ugly Meter at first. The set-up of the app is convincing enough - there are separate scanning interfaces for males and females, a scientific-looking target face overlay, and a futuristic green scanning bar animation.

Ugly Meter is fun for a one-off joke, but it has little lasting appeal.

Adds Secret Mode To Manipulate Results Bug Fixes


  • Adds Secret Mode To Manipulate Results Bug Fixes
Ugly Meter


Ugly Meter 4.6

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